Whether you are doing it on behalf of a friend or whether you are arranging your own, organising a stag party can be a fun and exciting experience. Stag parties are not all about going from one bar to the next as some might imagine – there are actually many exciting and unique activities you can consider for a stag party, which can help to make the occasion all the more memorable and enjoyable for all concerned.

5 Classic Stag Party Activities - Absolute LimosNo matter what you decide to do for your stag night, one way in which you can inject extra glamour and excitement into the occasion is to hire a limo. This will enable the stag group to enjoy immersing themselves in luxury and comfort on the way to the chosen destination and will prove the ability to get the party started early with onboard entertainment, mood lighting, and even a bar from which to enjoy drinks.

Some of the options for a great stag party include:

Stag Days: Paintballing

For a stag party with a difference, you can arrange a paint-balling session. This will enable you to enjoy some healthy, competitive fun by way of celebrating and is particularly ideal if you prefer an activity that doesn’t involve drinking.

Stag Days: Go-Karting

5 Classic Stag Party Activities - Absolute LimosGo-karting can be tremendous fun and is a great way to celebrate a stag do. Again, this is a great activity if you want something that does not centre around drinking and if the stag is the type of person who enjoys adrenaline fuelled activities.

Stag Days: Golfing

If you want something that is relaxing and outdoors-based for the stag party, golfing is a great idea. You can choose from a wide variety of golf courses based on your location and you could even arrange a stag dinner or drinks at the golf club you go to.

Stag Nights: Night at the dogs

For something that offers thrills and excitement, a night at the dogs is a great choice. You can make the most of your night by hiring a limo to get you to the venue, enabling the stag group to relax and enjoy some drinks and music in order to get into the mood for a great night out.

5 Classic Stag Party Activities - Absolute LimosStag Anytime: Jameson Whiskey Tour

Another unique way to celebrate the stag party is with a Jameson Whiskey Tour, which is a great choice if the stag’s favourite tipple happens to be whiskey. Hiring a limo to get you there will add to this unique experience, making it even more memorable and enjoyable.

All of these are great ways to enjoy a stag party with a difference, providing a refreshing change to the more conventional night out on the town.

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