The Kids Play Bus

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How can you also be sure you’ll have enough room in your house or garden to accommodate hoards of screaming children? Click on the photos below to enlarge. And if it rains, that rules the garden out. Then you’ll have no option but to bring them all indoors, which can be even more ‘fun’.

Things can be quite stressful for any parent.

You want your child to have a fabulous party and one that their friends will go home and tell their Mummies and Daddies how wonderful it was also. But at the same time you don’t want to have a nervous breakdown. And it would be nice to think your house was still standing after the event?! Well, worry no more!

By hiring a Party Kids Bus for your child’s party you take all these worries away – so contact Absolute Limousines.

Please call 087-9333378 or 087-1223532 to check the bus is available in your part of the country. Then if it is, we can discuss your preferred date and time for your child’s party.

Then on the agreed day and time we’ll arrive on your street or road , pull up outside your house and open the doors… then you’ll see (and probably be amazed) at just how much fun a group of young children can have on these specially equipped party buses! And nothing can spoil their fun. Rain doesn’t affect things. Lack of space is no longer a problem. And because all the action takes place in the confines of a Double Decker Bus, your house is safe! No hassles of tidying up afterwards. In fact the parents can now enjoy themselves as much as the children. Just imagine what your children are missing if you don’t hire a party bus.

Our Buses Have the Best Play Equipment Ever…Maximum Enjoyment is Guaranteed!

Our two bright red Double Decker Buses are fitted out with fun but safe games and play-time equipment —that your children and all their friends will absolutely love playing on it. Over the years we’ve tried and tested (or rather thousands of children have played on) various equipment on the buses. So over time we’ve seen what they have the most fun on – and what they quickly get bored with! Over time we got rid of the boring stuff and added more of the equipment we saw them having maximum enjoyment & fun.

Our buses now have play equipment we know will to keep any child happy for hours and hours on end. The latest games and play equipment includes…

  • Ball Pools
  • Cargo Nets
  • Slides
  • Kee Bee Pads
  • Squeezy Rollers
  • Bif ‘n Bash Bags
  • Squeezy Rollers
  • Ladders
  • Platforms
  • and much more….

Both buses have their own unique style both inside and out. And which one arrives at your childrens party is all part of the surprise and we can guarantee you won’t be dissapointed! Together, these two party buses cover hundreds of childrens parties each year, and bring joy and delight to thousands of children across Dublin and surrounding counties.

So why not Hire a Party Kids Bus for your Children’s party?

Short on space for your children’s party? Even a relatively good sized garden can quickly become over-crowded when you have hoardes of screaming children running riot! Hiring a Party Kids Double-Decker Party Bus is the answer! We’ll arrive on the arranged date and time, pull the bus up outside your house (on the street or on your property if theirs enough room. Then we throw open the doors and let the children on. Then they have the time of their lives. And the best party ever. All without giving you any hassles whatsoever. Booking the bus for your childrens party is easy. All we require is a deposit and for us to arrange a suitable date and time to arrive. Then we’ll do the rest. And I hope for your sake they are! Because any parent who’s ever had a Party Kids Bus to their party will tell you just how much their children enjoy it (and what a relief it is to have all the pressure, worry and burden of responsibility taken off their shoulders!)